Digital Creation GENIE Awards

Thursday 22nd  of January 2015 at 7.30pm

Centre des Arts Auditorium


This first edition of the Paris Images Digital Summit ended with an awards night celebrating the best talents of French digital creation with the first ceremony of the Digital Creation GENIE Awards

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The Winners

Best VFX supervisor, Feature film

BIRD PEOPLE by Pascale Ferran – Geoffrey Niquet / BUF


Best VFX supervisor, Broadcast Program



Best VFX supervisor, Short Format

EVIAN SPIDERMAN (commercial) – Laurent Creusot / Mikros Image


Best Innovation

Alexandre Gauthier –Foichat / INRIA for Natron FX


 Young talent Award

Fleur & Manu


Life Time Achievement Award










The Nominees


Best VFX supervisor - Feature Film

BIRD PEOPLE Pascale Ferran - Supervisor : Geoffrey Niquet / BUF

BLACK AND WHITE II Yueh-Hsun Tsai - Supervisors : Fabrice Lagayette / Olivier Cauwet / BUF

FIGHTERS Thomas Cailley - Supervisor: Alain Carsoux / CGEV

“L’ECUME DES JOURS” Michel Gondry - Supervisors : Romain Strabol and Stéphane Bidault / Autre chose

“METAMORPHOSES” Christophe Honoré - Supervisor : Hugues Namur / Mikros Image



Best VFX supervisor – Broadcast Program

“BREF " Canal (Series) - Damien Maric / WIP Studio

A SPACE ODYSSEY Cosmos-TIME (TVshow) - Supervisor : Dominique Vidal / BUF

“LES FRANCAIS DU JOUR” Cedric Condon (Unit) - Yoann Berger / WIP Studio

“PIEGE BLANC” Abel Ferry (Unit) - Supervisor : Matthew Floury / Trimaran

“LE SOLDAT BLANC” Erick Zonca (Unit) - Supervisor : Fabien Girodot / Trimaran


Best VFX supervisor - short format

CARTIER WINTERTALE (spot) - Supervisor : Gabriel Kerlidou / Cube Creative

ORANGE “LA CABINE” (spot) - Supervisor : Pierre-Emmanuel Genin / Mikros Image

EVIAN SPIDERMAN (spot) - Supervisor : Laurent Creusot / Mikros Image

THE CREW LAUNCH - trailer (spot) - Supervisors : Tony Dugard, Dorian Marchesin, Jean-Michel Drechsler / Unit Image

NETFLIX (spot) - Guillaume Marien / Mathematic


Best Innovation

Isotropix - Clarisse iFX

Trimaran - Georacing

INRIA - Natron FX

Projet Previz

SolidAnim - SolidTrack


Young Talent Award

Fleur et Manu

Jonas et Francois


Lafarge et Xavier Teo Saintier

Yoann Lemoine (Woodkid)





The Jury


Best VFX supervisor (Feature movie, Short format and Fiction TV)

Yves Bottalico (photographer, director)

Julien Dupuy (journalist)

Mabrouk El Mechri (Director)

Jan Kounen (Director)

Olivier Megaton (Director)


Best Young Talent

Sébastien Brumel (Sonovision journalist)

Erwan Chaffiot (AB themes, Journalist)

Alexis Perrin (Rumble Fish, producer)

Salomé Stévenin (Actress)

Olivier Perrot (3DVF)


Best innovation

Venceslas Biri

Pascal Buron

Pierre Hénon

Véronique Godé

Virginie Guilminot



Neil Corbould started his career in Special Effects in 1978 on Superman: The Movie before working for David Lynch (The Elephant Man) or on the James Bond movies, A View to a Kill and The Living Daylights. In 1995 he started working on The Fifth Element, directed by Luc Besson, which was his first film in the role of special effects supervisor for which he received a BAFTA. Then, he collaborated with some of the most famous directors, including Steven Spielberg and Ridley Scott. He received four BAFTA awards and two Academy Awards, the last one being for his work on Gravity.


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