|PARIS IMAGES DIGITAL SUMMIT 2019 Friday February 1st
Grille Horaire PIDS 
PIDS Conference Friday February 1st


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Best of SIGGRAPH Case Study VFX Achoura (feature film) by Talal Selhami Speakers : Talal Selhami (Director), Gabriel Kerlidou (VFX Sup.), Nessim Chebaane (VFX Sup.) / BlackLab VFX Etude de cas VFX All the Stars - K. Lamar & SZA + No tears left to cry - A. Grande (videoclip) by Dave Meyers Speaker: Dominique Vidal (VFX Sup.) / BUF Roundtable Directing the Visual Effects : From “Gone with the wind” to “Ready Player One” Speakers : Nicolas Saada (Director), Hugues Namur (VFX Sup.) Case Study VFX Game of Thrones S7 (Case Study VFX) Speaker: Sylvain Nouveau (FX Sup.) / Rodeo FX Case Study VFX The Emperor of Paris (feature film) by Jean-François Richet Speakers : Aurélie Lajoux (VFX Sup.), Benjamin Blatière, Kevin Pacini (VFX Producer) / CGEV Hackaton – Winners announcement 
Case Study VFX Welcome to Marwen (feature film) by Robert Zemeckis Speaker: Pierre-Loïc Hamon (CG Sup.) / Framestore 
Case Study VFX NICKY LARSON (feature film) by Philippe Lacheau Speakers : Cyrille Bonjean (VFX Sup.) & Mathieu Leclercq (Head of Digital Cinema) / MIKROS Closing Cocktail – PIDS Conference In partnership with Wacom & Mikros Master Class (open to all public) John Knoll (COO, Sr. VFX Sup. / ILM) Moderator: Alexandre Poncet (journalist, director) Screening Rogue One : A Star Wars Story by Gareth Edwards

Salle 2

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Welcome PIDSBIZ The employment data in the French VFX Industry Speakers: Danièle Sartori (CNC), Anne-Charlotte Kopp (AUDIENS) PIDSBIZ The French market for visual effects Speakers: Jean-Yves Mirski (General delegate, FICAM), Matthias Weber (VFX Producer, Autre Chose) PIDSBIZ How the French VFX industry can go global? Speakers : Stephan Bender (Technical facilities, Film France), Olivier Emery (CEO, Trimaran) Conclusion of discussions – Q&A
JOB FAIR PIDSVIZ Business Lounge

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