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|PARIS IMAGES DIGITAL SUMMIT 2017 Thursday 26 janvier 2017
 8H30-9H00 Welcoming 9H00-9H15 Ouverture 9H15-10H15 Line-up / Recruitment 10H15-10H45 Stéphane Singier (Cap Digital) : « Striking technological innovations of the year 2016 » 10H45-11H30 Animation Case study SAHARA by Pierre Coré - LA STATION ANIMATION With Pierre Coré (Filmmaker), Christian Ronget (Producer) & Julien Georgel (Art Director) 11H30-12H30 VFX Case Study FAN by Maneesh Sharma Ronak Sanghadia (CG Supervisor, Redchillies.VFX) Break 14H00-14H30 VR/360 Case study VR Experience for Etihad Airways Produced by par MediaMonks with Nicole Kidman Presented by Emilie Nilsson (VR / VFX Compositor - MediaMonk) with The Foundry / Progiss 14H30-15H15 iscussion Panel « How to include sustainable development in digital creation » In partnership with Ecoprod With Jean-Baptiste Spieser (technical director, Team TO), Pierre de Cabissole (Production director, Supamonks Studio), Christophe Perron (founder and director of Stimergy), Florence Brissard (technical director, Orfeo) Moderator: Baptiste Heynemann (CNC) 15H15-16H00 Discussion Panel « Women’s place in digital creation industry » with Corinne Kouper (Producer and Development manager - Teamto / Founder - Les Femmes s'animent), Aurelia Abate (VFX Producer, Fix Studio) and Chistine Mazereau (General Delegate, RECA) Moderator: Catherine Puiseux (Social & Environmental Responsibility Manager RSE, TF1) Break 16H30-17H15 Conversation With… Sue Lyster (Director of Studio Operations, ILM London) Moderator: Béatrice Thomas-Wachsberger 17H15-18H00 VFX Case study ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY by Gareth Edwards ILM LONDON - John Seru - Generalist Lead 
18H00-19H15 Cocktail In partnership with the Embassy of New Zealand 19H15-23H00 Special Evening Joe Letteri 19H15-20H15 Master Class Joe Letteri (Sr VFX Supervisor, WETA Digital) Moderator: Béatrice Thomas-Wachsberger 20H30-23H00 Screening THE HOBBIT : AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY by Peter Jackson Open to the public and to accredited professionals
|PARIS IMAGES DIGITAL SUMMIT 2017 Friday 27 janvier 2017
8H30-9H00 Welcoming 9H00-9H20 VR Ecosystem: numbers and perspectives 
with Olivier Godest (UniVR) Presented by Benoît Hozjan (Pôle Media Grand Paris) 9H20-10H00 Conversation with… Jan Kounen The Art of staging, from cinema to VR Presented by Benoît Hozjan (Pôle Media Grand Paris) 10H00-10H45 Discussion panel
New scenography of live performances With Rodolphe Chabrier (MacGuff, Hit Parade), Joffrey Collignon (Vox Wave), Karl Biscuit (Système Castafiore) Moderator: Dominique Roland (Director, Centre des Arts d’Enghien-les-Bains) Break 11H00-11H45 Themed Park Case study L’EXTRAORDINAIRE VOYAGE / Cube Creative – Futuroscope With Nicolas Devaux (filmmaker), Lionel Fages (producer), Franck Savorgnan (Production director) and Olivier Héral (Creative director, Futuroscope) 11H45-12H30 Discussion panel Animation & VFX Studio: How to build a creative bridge between Paris & London? with Gilles Gaillard (CEO, Mikros Image), Quentin H. Martin (Executive Producer, MPC Paris), Olivier-René Veillon (CEO, Ile-de-France Film Commission), Adrian Wootton (CEO, Film London). Moderator: Béatrice Thomas-Wachsberger Break 14H00-15h00 Discussion panel Employment and Training in VFX industry: How to create dialogue conditions between general and specialized industries? with Carole Perraut (Audiens), Baptiste Heynemann (CNC), Catherine Constant-Grisolet (ESRA), Christian Guillon (Ecole Louis Lumière) Moderator: Franck Petitta (Founder and Director, Georges Méliès School) 15H00-15H45 Discussion panel Does French VFX industry has the means to become a major actor on an international level ? with Stephan Bender (Film France), Gilles Gaillard (Mikros Image), Jean-François Szlapka (SolidAnim) & et Pierre-Yves Bournazel (Président de la Commission du Film d’Ile-de-France) Moderator: Jean-Yves Mirski (FICAM) 15H45-16H30 Discussion panel Virtual Production: At the borders of reality with Olivier Emery (Trimaran), Julien Abbou (DV Mobile), Jérôme Vieron (ATEME), Cyril Corvazier (Mercenaries Engineering) Moderator: Johanna Castel (Cap Digital) 15H50-16H30 Panel Virtual Production: At the borders of reality ISpeakers: Olivier Emery (Trimaran), ATEME and Mercenaries Engineering Moderation: Cap Digital Break 16H45-17H00 Keynote Shotgun by Autodesk 17H00-17H45 Case study SEULS by David Moreau Guillaume Marien (VFX Supervisor, Mathematic TV) 17H45-18H30 VFX Case study PASSENGERS by Morten Tyldum Fabian Nowak (Senior FX Technical Director) / MPC
|PARIS IMAGES DIGITAL SUMMIT 2017 Saturday 28 janvier 2017
15H00-17H00 Premiere SAHARA by Pierre Coré Screening followed by a Q&A with the film maker and the rest of the crew Open to the public and to accredited professionals
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