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Best of SIGGRAPH Opening Speakers : Philippe Sueur (Mayor of ’Enghien-les-Bains), Dominique Roland (Director, Centre des arts), Yann Marchet (General Delegate) Keynote Striking innovation of the year 2018 Speaker: Stéphane Singier (Expert) / Cap Digital Case Study VFX Living Universe (doc. Fiction) by Vincent Amouroux & Alex Barry Speakers : Raphaël Penasa (President/Creative Director) & Vincent Dudouet (VFX Sup.) / Fauns Case Study CGI / Animation One Meter / Hour (short film) by Nicolas Deveaux Speakers : Nicolas Deveaux (Director), Sylvain Grain (Producer) Cube Creative Case Study VR Battlescar (VR film) by Nico Casavecchia & Martin Allais Speakers : Raphaël Penasa (President/Creative Director) & Vincent Dudouet (VFX Sup.) / Fauns Case Study Animation Spycies (feature film) by Guillaume Ivernel Speakers : Guillaume Ivernel (Director), Henri Zaitoun (Les Androids Associés), Sun Limet (Jungler), Benoît Luce (Lux Populi), Alexandre Henri (Head of Animation) Case Study VFX Magic Seven (feature film) Speaker: Roxane Fechner (VFX Sup.), Sébastien Fauchere (VFX Sup.) / Fix Studio Case Study Animation Astérix : The Secret of the Magic Potion (feature film) by Alexandre Astier & Louis Clichy Speakers : Louis Clichy (Director), Marion Bayard (Line producer), Stéphanie Aubriot (CG Sup.), David Dulac (VFX Sup.) / Mikros Animation Etude de cas Animation The Grinch (feature film) by Yarrow Cheney et Scott Mosier Speakers : Jacques Bled (President), Fabien Polack (CG Supervisor) / Illumination Mac Guff

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10H30-11H15 Line-up of recruiters PIDS Tech Ranch Computing : Save time (and money) optimizing his scenes Speakers : Christophe Bicchierai (Ranch Computing) & Jérémy Angonin (Hocus Pocus Studio), Benoît Revilliod (VFX supervisor freelance) PIDS Tech Persistant Studios : Discover the latest version of PopCornFX, a realtime particle effects solution for games, films, AR/VR/MR Speaker: Abdel Kader Wawi (Project Manager & Senior VFX / Technical Artist) PIDS Tech Golaem : behind the scenes of the most impressive crowds scenes of season 7 of Game Of Thrones + exclusive preview of Golaem 7 Speaker : Nicolas Chaverou (Co-founder & Project manager) PIDS Tech Innovations in processes and tools for VFX Speakers : Benoît Maujean (Mikros), Christian Guillon & Pierre-Marie Boyé (Les Tontons Truqueurs), Jean-Colas Prunier (Fairytool) Moderator : Stéphane Singier (Cap Digital) 14H00-14H45 14H45-15H30 15H30-16H15 16H15-17H30
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